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E-Commerce Covid-19

E-commerce has gained significant traction and popularity since the introduction of the digital shopping cart. Today everyone and their dogs are self-isolating and for me and many others, that means online shopping. More importantly for e-commerce, online traffic has drastically increased in relation to COVID-19. Sales are growing by triple-digits since the implementation of social distancing.

For my family, we’re relying even more on grocery store delivery services like Amazon Fresh and Instacart. While my son is spending his free-time online gaming, like the rest of the world he’s using networks and digital platforms to stay connected – creating more opportunities to advertise and engage an audience relegated to the living room and the kitchen! It’s not just grocery, but everything from indoor fitness equipment to coffee makers and sweatpants – everyone is bringing their habits and activities home! 

Sadly, many brands are going to miss out on the growing revenues and profits. Why?

Because their e-commerce platforms are not prepared for this shift to digital sales. 

There is a window of opportunity for you and your business to capture this coveted customer loyalty – but you have to be willing to adapt! 

In the next handful of months, consumers will be ordering online (many for the first time!)

Statistics show purchase for essentials online has hit a +255% revenue, just over the weekend. These brands have drastically increased in sales despite their digital media marketing cost being 79% lower than pre-quarantine.

How should small businesses tackle this sudden change? Be found, be flexible, go digital.

With a shortage of inventory (remember all that panic buying for toilet paper and sanitizer) customers are branding out and trying new brands, if only because they have available stock. Many of these “substitute” brands are not ready and lack the right tools and skills to attract constant traffic to their websites. 

Chances are if you offer a service or product, that helps support or avoid cabin fever, from luxury goods to baby formula, and even makeup (yes we want to look fab even in a quarantine) SEO is crucial. 

In this quarantine be there for your community, show up for your customers and pivot to e-commerce. Make sure you’ve seen on the front page of search results and highlight strong customer reviews and ratings. 

E-commerce is fast and competitive. Sales, new product promos, and coupons are constantly grabbing our attention and moving our purchase habits online. Where it’s safe and clean. 

During this pandemic use the time wisely, build your e-commerce footprint and when society returns to normal – be primed to offer choice to your customers – online and in-person. 

Stay safe, and use this time to grow your business in new ways.  Keep on building your dreams.