Mike for Burnaby

Mike for Burnaby is here to listen to the community and make Burnaby a better place. The website allows for people to volunteer and donate to the Mike for Burnaby campaign.

> Website Design & Development

> Email Marketing

> Logo Design

Website Design & Development

The Mike for Burnaby website branding used bold, cool colors from his 2018 campaign, creating a comfortable and easy-to-the-eyes tone. We used UX friendly typography and color contrasts to ensure a positive user experience. Website also included an embedded donation option and several interactive elements. Other elements include programmed SSL, integrated Stripe, and linked MailChimp.

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Email Marketing & Logo Design

Incorporated the 2018 bold campaign colors to keep Mike Hurley’s brand identity noticeable, all while keeping a welcoming and unique logo and email design. Three accent colors were used alongside consistent typeface throughout the creatives. The color block identity is shown throughout the logo, email templates, and website.