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TRU Health & Skin Care

TRU Health & Skincare is a boutique health and skincare centre situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Their clinic providers are constantly striving to create a balanced approach to wellness and cosmetics in a professional and personalized setting. 

> Website Design & Development

> Branding Identity Creation

> Social Media Marketing

            Web Design

TRU Health and Skin Care stands on the importance of creating a comfortable environment for its clients. Branding was kept at neutral colors, soft to the eyes, and a simple user experience that allows the audience to discover what TRU is all about – understanding that beauty on the outside is about health on the inside.

Social Media Marketing

Keeping an active and design-orientated social media presence is crucial in brand image. TRU keeps clients engaged and informed with new promotions, sales, products, and services. 

> 6000+ followers
> 240+ engagements per post
> Consistent graphic design and colour scheme