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Vibe Life Kombucha

Vibe Life Kombucha is a woman-owned and operated organic hemp kombucha company. They strive to revolutionize the way people socialize by offering healthier low sugar, low-calorie alternatives to alcohol which are better for you and the planet. 

> Website Design & Development

> E-Commerce Integration

            Web Design

Vibe Life’s branding is fun, colourful, and full of visuals that keep consumers excited. Website design incorporated fun page transitions and animation elements while still informing visitors about the health benefits of their tasty hemp kombucha. Features include a newsletter popup as well as Instagram feed intgration.

E-Commerce Integration

Their hemp kombucha ships worldwide, doable with an integrated active and maintenanced e-commerce platform. We created a user-friendly platform to keep consumers engaged and informed with new promotions, sales, and products. 

> Worldwide Shipping
> Stripe & Paypal Payment Methods
> User Friendly Backend and Frontend