YES Vancouver Party

The platform of Yes Vancouver is mainly focused on the city’s housing shortage. The party promises to increase the supply of rental housing in Vancouver to reduce the cost of rent by establishing citywide pre-zoning, using incentives on city-owned land to add affordable housing. 

> Website Design & Development

> Video Production

> Social Media Marketing

> Media Planning & Buying

Do you know what to do now?

Imagery and symbolism creates a captivating commercial video, using children as the voices of our generation. This video was posted on all platforms including Facebook and Youtube, tracting organic views and reactions.

153k impressions.
70k video views.
+140 engagement.

Do you know what to do now?

Website Branding & Design

Incorporated bold colors to keep Yes Vancouver’s brand identity noticeable, while keeping a user experience that is clean and friendly. To keep a unique platform, custom code and graphics were used site-wide, as well as consistency in social media posts and language. 

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